Business Valuation

USFAAF can work on business valuations of all types. Our experienced team in determining the market value of a small business to a holding company with multiple business operations. We prepare reliable valuations of intangible business assets such as goodwill and patents, as well as any real estate owned by the enterprise.

Business valuation is impacted by many factors such as the subject company’s industry, its stage of development and the invested capital. Additionally, the purposes for which business valuations are performed, the influence of local jurisdictional rules and available valuation methods further increase the complexity of business valuation.

Business valuation purposes include valuations for purposes such as: allocations of purchase price, shareholder disputes, franchise rights, ESOP planning, business damages, patent rights, buy/sell agreements, and obtaining bank financing.

The most important element to our business valuation is we put the effort and the time to full understand your business and specific valuation problem, so the report will completely fit with the purpose of the evaluation.


  • Assets Approach
  • Market Approach
  • Income Approach