Financial Modeling & Analysis

Better Decision Making

USFAAF’s corporate finance services provide detailed financial modeling and analysis used by senior leaders and decision makers in the capital budgeting process.  We strive to understand our client’s business, and provide quantitative analysis and financial models to determine the profitability and length of new and current projects.

Our clients find that information is one of the most powerful tools in business. With a clear goals and expectations, managers are better able to execute business plans, while senior leaders are better able to monitor profitability of capital expenditures and effectiveness of managers.  Our services fill a variety of capital budgeting projects, including:

  • Business expansion projects
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Equipment purchases and replacement
  • Capital structure
  • Sales targets and forecasts

There are a significant number of assumptions and numerous types of financial models that can be used to determine the value of complex financial instruments. Selecting assumptions that are not congruent with a market participant’s perspective or applying an inappropriate financial model may result in incorrect valuation conclusions.

USFAAF can help you with:
  • Forecasting and Modeling
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Business Plan and Recommendations

Building an effective business model, whether it’s to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity, or for other strategic purposes; is a complex and difficult task.

With USFAAF’s capabilities, global reach and evidence-based quantitative analysis our business modeling professionals can help you carry out the model review; model support and model-build activities you need to make key decisions and improve your strategic outcomes.