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IRS Resolution

IRS and State Resolution

Mostly you receive a lot of advertisements from tax debt relief companies to settle your tax liabilities for a fraction!!! Mainly the IRS willing to work all taxpayers, but you must know that you must meet certain requirements to qualify for one of the IRS tax relief programs. IRS and States are willing to work with you to solve your tax liabilities and settle with you for an acceptable amount but for sure not for a fraction!!!  USFAAF plan is to explore all your options and match your case with the most acceptable settlement program to release you from the tax liabilities and get you a real fresh start.

How USFAAF will help you?

Free Consultation, no obligation, no commitment, meet with one of our CPAs at no cost to you, so we can discuss your IRS and/or state tax liabilities.

Our CPA’s will review your situation not only with your provided document but with a detailed communication with the IRS and/or State agents to fully understand your tax liabilities position

Once we get to know your tax solution, we will advise you with the best tax relief strategy that fits your own situation.

USFAAF will use all available resources to ensure an acceptable assessment to your tax liabilities and promise only what can be delivered as our goal is as well as ensuring that your fees will be consist with the final result.

IRS have a lot of tools to collect the tax liabilities included the severe penalties and interest. IRS can and will seize bank accounts, real estate properties, retirement accounts, cars, wages, and tax refund. If a taxpayer owes IRS more than $50,000 in tax liabilities includes penalties and interest the IRS will notify the US Department of State to block the renewal of the US passport or even repossess the passport.

Working with the IRS and effectively communicating with the IRS will help you to avoid any severe action such as levy and or seizure. Starting a payment plan or offer in compromise consider a smart move toward tax relief and a fresh start.
IRS looking for taxpayers who cooperate and making a reasonable effort toward settling their tax liabilities. Part of the effective communication with the IRS may require the taxpayer to work with a qualified professional who have a great working experience and a proven success rate with the IRS settling tax liabilities and handling the IRS collections process.