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Charter Schools


With over 65 years of combined accounting, finance, tax and consulting experience, (USFAAF) will provide your charter school with the most comprehensive financial and accounting management services.
USFAAF has been established to be one of the most trusted business and tax advisor to over 500 clients, including charter schools. We have developed a dedicated team to provide charter schools’ financial and business solutions. USFAAF charter school support team consist of highly motivated CPA’s, tax advisors and senior accountants, with one focus to maximize your school’s financial success.

We seek to offer a seamless and smooth experience for our clients through several tools and communication channels. All our clients are provided access to our online systems for no additional fees.

Today’s Technology

We seek to invest in our employees as well as the latest technology today. While an onsite meeting is the most effective way to communicate with our clients, we have managed our technology platforms to handle your school service needs in the current pandemic situation. Even when distance and time are restricted, we continue delivering our services effectively.

Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards – UFARS are the standards in which Minnesota School districts, charter schools, cooperative districts, and area learning centers must use for financial reporting. USFAAF team will provide your school with the most up-to-date information regarding changes to reporting requirements for operational ease.

USFAAF will handle the financial management & consulting to enable your school with the right information at the right time, efficiently and cost effectively.
USFAAF core services provided to your school include monthly financial reporting, budget forecasting, cash and liabilities management, audit management, fund reconciliation, state/ school district compliance reporting, affiliated building company (ABC) accounting, taxation, financial reporting, board financial training, business support, and business process reviewing/ engineering.

Our highly skilled CPAs will handle your information carefully and will be reviewed, submitted, approved, and processed in a timely manner. Confidentiality and trust are fundamental principles for our firm.
The core services provided within accounting, taxes and payroll services are accounts receivable processing, accounts payable processing, bank reconciliations, detailed revenue and expenditures tracking within UFARS fund classification, audit work-paper preparation and support, 501(c)(3) designation, and annual tax preparation/ IRS 990 filing.

USFAAF Payroll processing services include payroll entries and delivery, new hire reporting, employee access state and federal form access, state unemployment insurance management, garnishment and other employee deductions service background checks, and tax filing including IRS and state payroll forms such as 940, 941 MN withholding, MN SUI.